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Valparai , a beautiful hill resort located at an altitude of 3500ft, in the ranges of Western Ghats, in Coimbatore district, Tamilnadu, at a distance of 104km from Coimbatore to valparai and 64 km from pollachi. Valparai is bounded by wide spread of tea estates which gives you an enchanting views of tea gardens, spread like a green carpet all over the mountain. Many incredible tourist spots In Valparai, like Valleys, view points, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, dams, gardens and Exotic species of flora and fauna surprises you during your travel to valparai. For all wildlife and nature photographers it is a dream come true once they visit valparai.
Most of the hotels and resorts in valparai are located at a short distance from these tourist spots
The pollution free godly land valparai has many tourist places which is an exotic treat to the eyes of nature lovers.
Aanamalai wildlife sanctuary
Aanamalai wildlife sanctuary is situated at an altitude of 1,400 meters near pollachi with a total area of 958 sq kms. The sanctuary is filled with various fauna like green pigeon, pangolin, sloth bear, panther, elephant, tiger, gaur, deer etc.
Aaliyar dam
Located at Aliyar, in the Aanamalai range, in the foot hills of valparai at a distance of 24 kms from pollachi. Aliyar dam is a famous picnic spot, the park near the dam is well maintained and pulls many tourists to Aliyar dam. The park opens at 8.30 Am in and closes at 5.30 pm, with a very minimum entry charge per head.
Athirapilly falls
Athirapilly falls is in the entrance of sholayar range, 80 kms from valparai towards chalakudi. It’s a famous shooting spot in many tamil, Malayalam and Hindi movies, this falls was first brought to lime light in the tamil movie Punnagai mannan and so this falls is also called as Punnagai mannan falls. The view of this falls which is located adjacent to dense green forest is terrific.
Balaji temple is at a distance of 9km from valparai. This temple is owned by peria karamalai tea industries. The temple is located in the midst of beautiful mountain and evergreen forest.
Mr G. A. Carver Marsh, who is the father of valparai Hills, the statue exists in the pollachi, valparai ghat road, at Kavarkal Estate. The view of huge Velonie valley and Parambikulam Reservoir from here is awesome.
Chinnakalar falls.
Chinnakallar falls is 26km from valparai, called as cherrapunji of south India, walking through the hanging bridge built across the falls is a different experience. Chinnakallar falls is located in between greenish dense forest, with tall majestic trees, that gives a pleasant nature.
Birla Falls
Birla falls is 2km from Valparai. Situated in sholayar estate surrounded by tea fields. Watching water falling in the mid green tea fields is a pleasant
view for eyes.
Sidhi vinayagar temple
The temple is 5 kms from valparai, situated in a very beautiful garden environment, owned by jayshree tea industries.
Congreve falls
The falls is situated in nadumalai estate named after C.R.T Congreve, one of the early explorers of this hill.
Grass Hills
The most beautiful and enchanting of all places in valparai, located at a distance of 26 kms from valparai town, besides natural surrounding it is a home of various flora’s and fauna’s, for the adventurous the scenic beauty of Akamalai and Thangachi malai coupled with the grass hills.
Karumalai Annai vellankanni Church
The church is located at a distance of 8 km from valparai, this church is known for miracles often. The location of the church in front of nature waterfall is the highlight of the church.
Koozhangal River
Koozhangal river is situated very near to valparai, at a distance of 2km in valparai sirukundra main road. The pebbles seen in the bank of river and zigzag shape of the river is beautiful.
Loam’s view point
The loam’s view point is situated at the ninth hair pin bend on your way to valparai from pollachi. The spot is named after Mr Mathew Loam. Mr loam is the first person who marked the road in 1886 from Aliyar to Sirukundra .still the same road is used by everyone to reach Valparai.
Lower Nirar dam
15 kms from valparai situated in a wonderful location covered by dense forest. Nirar dam is built for irrigation and hydro electricity. The water source of the dam never goes dry.
Monkey Falls
Monkey falls is on Coimbatore pollachi valparai main road. Monkey falls is an ideal place for the little children and families to take bathe. The entry ticket fee is 15.
Nallamudi poonjolai valley
This valley is situated in Anaimudi estate, the highest peak of south India. Anaimudi peak can be seen from Nallamudi poonjolai valley. This place attracts lots of tourists for its beautiful valley view.
Number parai
The valley is situated in High forest estate of Ms Mahivir plantations ltd. Iddliyar, soorya malai and hill Tribes settlement can be viewed from here. This is a place of historical importance because it is situated in the border of erstwhile madras state and travancore kingdom. Even today it marks border between Coimbatore district on tamilnadu side and idukki, thrissur districts on kerala side.
Oldest Teak Tree
This tree is 500 yrs old with 90 feet height and 23.5 feet girth situated in sheikalmudi forest area of valparai.
Parambikulam national park
Parambikulam national park is 84 km from Coimbatore, 38 km from pollachi and approximately 80 km from valparai. The forest is dense with valuable trees like sandalwood, rosewood, teak and bamboo. The sanctuary has some marshy land and some scattered patches of grass land.
Sholayar Dam
Sholayar dam is 24km from valparai, this is second highest masonry dam in Asia(345 feet). The length of the dam measures about 6-7km. The green carpet of tea fields and forest on either side of the dam. Being situated on tamilnadu, kerala border the dam attracts the tourists of both the state.
Tiger valley.
This valley is situated between Attakatti and waterfall estate after 27th hairpin bend. The view of evergreen forest surrounding upper aliyar reservoir and also the wind mills of udumalpet from here is mind blowing.
Upper Nirar Dam.(chinnakalar dam)
This dam is in chinnakalar, 18 km from valparai. Lawson falls is just 2km from here. Though it’s a small dam, the location and the view is amazing.
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